Seaway Valley Wrestling sells out Saturday shows

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By Nick Seebruch
Seaway Valley Wrestling sells out Saturday shows
Mya Malek to dives on Malanie Havoc (Nick Seebruch/ Seaway News).

CORNWALL, Ontario – Seaway Valley Wrestling (SVW) held two sold out shows as a part of their Inaugural event in Cornwall on Saturday, Oct. 23 at the Agora Centre.

The afternoon show kicked off at 2 p.m. and featured several singles matches, tag team matches and a women’s triple threat match.

Hometown hero Ryan Donovan opened the show in a strong hard hitting match against Chris Chambers. The match featured a good back-and-forth that included several dives off the top rope, including a dive to the outside. Donovan came out on top with a pinfall victory after hitting Chambers with a Donovan Driver.

The match was followed-up with a bout between two teams that were very colourful in their own ways as Cassanova Productions took on Freak Nation. The Clown of Freak Nation took advantage of an opportunity after a miscommunication between Fernando De La Cruz and his partner Jordano The Producer. Fernando accidentally struck Jordano with The Clown’s mallet. He was aiming for the Clown, but missed and hit his partner and the referee did not see it, allowing the Clown to capitalize and get the win.

Cassanova Productions then held up the proceedings and demanded another match against another team, something that SVW Commissioner Alain Allaire was happy to oblige, announcing that Cassanova Productions would be taking on Tabarnak de Team in their SVW debut later that evening.

Next on the card was a woman’s Triple Threat Match, that included Cici Galavis facing Mya Malek and Melanie Havok. After a brief but hard fought match between the three women, Havok won after hitting a stunner on both Galavis and Malek, pinning Malek for the win. Her victor was short lived though after the appearance of Kat Van Goff in the entrance way with her manager.

Van Goff brutally attacked all three women that participated in the match with a kendo stick, and then proceeded to assault members of SVW’s security team who tried to get her under control before leaving the premises.

After the melee, the monster like Predator took on the energetic Dale Kilburn. The quick match saw Kilburn defeat the Predator with a powerslam and pin combination before running out of the arena as quickly as he ran in.

Seaway News‘ coverage of the event ended with the match between Maredes and James Stone, where Stone defeated Maredes via submission with his grapevine Texas Cloverleaf.

The show continued with more great matches, and some of the best spectacles of the weekend took place during the evening show at 7 p.m.

“The second show blew the roof off the place,” Allaire said.

Matches featured on the second show included Chantal take on the legendary French Canadian wrestler Lufisto. Mike Marston took on Channing Decker in a Cornwall Street Fight match. Covey Christ defended his Kaizen Heaveyweight Championship against Hotstepper MacRae Martin and Big Daddy D-Roy took on longtime rival Ray St. Jean for the SVW Championship.

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