Dazzling Costumes, dressing you up all year-round!

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Dazzling Costumes, dressing you up all year-round!

Halloween is a great time of year at Dazzling Costumes on McConnell Avenue in Cornwall – but the fun also lasts 12 months of the year.

The locally-owned year-round costume retailer, located at 305 McConnell Avenue, has a huge assortment of costumes (naturally) but its roster of pop culture items, Marvel and DC comic-inspired accouterments and pricing to match any budget sets them apart from the competition.

“We’re always keeping up with the current trends so that we can bring our customers what they want,” said Monique Primeau Lascelle.

And Dazzling Costumes has made it even easier to shop, by adding their complete line of in-store products, as well as those that can be ordered in, via their website.

Customers can browse & shop at www. dazzlingcostumes.com (.ca). For sale & promos, with a local flavour, simply click on facebook’s Dazzling Costumes Cornwall & Area.

Dazzling Costumes officially opened the doors to their new retail store nearly in August 2018.

From mad scientists to dazzling princesses and comic heroes, the locally grown costume shop has the perfect disguise for any festivities. While the location at McConnell Avenue may be new, the business is anything but. The story of Dazzling Costumes is a piece of Cornwall history as it has been in operation since the 1980s. At first, Primeau-Lascelle operated a costume shop out of her home. In her first year of operations, each one of her 102 costumes was hand-sewn.


The business quickly grew beyond the capacity of her home, as her stock reached 6,000 hand-made costumes. Over the years the business evolved from rentals to retail. As the business was continually expanding, the company acquired a 15,000 square foot location in Le Village. The new location allows the business to operate a retail store on the first level and have enough storage for the e-commerce store on the other three floors. Primeau-Lascelle is now able to keep a knowledgeable staff who are experts in their own right.


“My staff is really energized. It’s an awesome team & we love our work. Every member of our staff has an area of expertise,” she said.


The store shelves are currently decorated with Halloween costumes and props, but the store offers much more than that beyond the fall season. As a year-round business, Dazzling Costumes carries pop-culture items, ladies bags, lingerie as well as naughty and nice novelties also available online year-round.  A quick look around the store is a confirmation to this statement as costumes range from kid-friendly Paw Patrol to all-ages superhero costumes, to the ever-popular Harry Potter, traditional monsters, & classics such as The Flintstones.


Dazzling Costumes realizes just how important celebrating Halloween can be for a family.  “Our product lines take into account just about everyone,” she said. “We aim to fit every budget, offering economical to professional-grade costumes.”


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