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Did you know that in September 2019, the average house price in Cornwall was $249,489?!  That is an increase of about $35,822 in one year!  The real estate market in Cornwall is on the rise.  Whether you are a first-time homebuyer, looking to increase the size of your home, or downsizing for your retirement, now is the time to buy!

Let’s have a look at the basic numbers involved in purchasing a house priced at $249,000.

The minimum down payment is currently at 5%.  That means if you have $12,450 for the down payment and about $3,735 for closing costs, you are already well on your way to owning this house!  That’s a total of just $16,185 to own this house!


List Price: $249,000
Down Payment: $12,450
Mortgage Amount: $236,550
Mortgage Insurance Fee (CMHC): $9,462
Total Mortgage & Insurance Fee: $246,012


Still not sure if you can afford this house?  Based on that mortgage payment and the other costs of owning this house (property taxes, heat), most banks can consider a gross annual household income of around $56,500.  That’s the amount you get BEFORE taxes!  The approximate monthly mortgage payments would be $1138.  That’s only about $525 bi-weekly!  How does that compare to your current rent or your current mortgage payment?


Monthly Mortgage Payment: $1,138
Estimated Monthly Property Taxes: $283
Estimated Monthly Heat Cost: $100
Estimated Monthly Shelter Expense: $1,521
Estimated Annual Gross Income Required: $56,425


Do you want to see if you would qualify for this house in Cornwall, Ontario?  Click the link below!  It’s that simple!It is wise to see a Mortgage Broker at least 6 months before the date that you would like to own your house.  Usually, if there are any issues that need to be tidied up, 6 months will allow the time needed to collect the correct documentation and make a mortgage application stronger.  Once all your documentation is verified, a Mortgage Broker can advise you on the appropriate purchase price that you would realistically qualify for.


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