Bentley Hospitality “Bringing Unique Ideas to Life”

By Carol Goddard, Special to Seaway News
Bentley Hospitality “Bringing Unique Ideas to Life”
The Bentley Family, Sage, Ian, Kate and Charlie are pictured in front of the Craft Shack. Courtesy photo.

Building on 25 years of experience in the hospitality field combined with a passion for craft beer, Cornwall’s Ian Bentley is embarking on a business venture which he anticipates will create unique experiences for his clients.  Bentley Hospitality will provide clients with assistance in all aspects of event planning including safety, security, venue, food service and budgeting.

Bentley was pleased to describe plans for summer weekend events, once COVID-19 restrictions are relaxed, utilizing The Craft Shack, a twelve-foot trailer which has been converted to a mobile hospitality hub.  He continued how the current focus is on encouraging local tourism, with Craft Shack Summer Socials set to play a role in developing tourism in the area.

Bentley explained the CSSS events are planned for one weekend per month at Point Maligne on the Cornwall waterfront near Marina 200.  The Craft Shack will feature craft beer from across Ontario, with a local food truck available and musicians added to event atmosphere.  He continued the event will be held on the hill overlooking the waterfront, with a limit on the number of participants determined in consultation with the EOHU and in accordance with COVID-19 provincial regulations.

Bentley explained some of the pandemic related hurdles encountered included the necessity of adjusting plans for the event due as provincial and EOHU pandemic regulations change, remaining focussed and positive during the planning process despite the stresses associated with the pandemic in addition to those normally associated with beginning a new business.

After thanking his wife and children for their support, he thanked SDSG MP Eric Duncan for his assistance in the development of the project.  After mentioning the support received from the EOHU and the City of Cornwall, he thanked Bob Peters, Jamie Fawthrop, Kevin Lajoie, Lorne Tailleau and Mark Boileau.  Bentley mentioned how resolving and overcoming the additional  obstacles which COVID-19 presented increased his resiliency and contributed to his determination to see the project through to completion.

Bentley suggested for updates and more information on Bentley Hospitality to visit the website at or follow them on Instagram at Bentley_hospitality.

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