CORNWALL, Ontario – The personal trainers at Summit Fitness Club know that achieving a strong and healthy lifestyle takes time and commitment, that’s why Summit Fitness is running their GET FIT DON’T QUIT campaign.

The goal of GET FIT DON’T QUIT is to get you active and healthy all year round and not just in January.

Many set themselves New Year’s Resolutions to get fit and to have that beach bod for the summer. Many also don’t follow through and fewer stick with it and truly make fitness a way of life.

“The goal of GET FIT DON’T QUIT is to get as many people as active as possible and to help them maintain that throughout the year,” said Summit Fitness co-owner Jason Dennis. 

The personal trainers at Summit Fitness will help you stay on track.

Dennis says that too often he sees people set themselves up for failure by not being realistic in what they want to do, and by not committing to a realistic gym schedule.

“We have personal trainers and if you want to learn to do it properly, get a trainer,” he said. “We’re going to tell you when to come in, we are going to tell you what to work on and all we ask for is consistency.”

Achieve your goals through a regimented program that fits your needs. Summit’s Weight Reduction Program is all encompassing and offers not just one on one personal training, but a customized whole food-based meal plan, a 1 year full access gym membership, and weekly consultations to make sure you are on track and stay on track. The program provides all the education, motivation, and support anyone wanting to improve their health needs.

Get on board with the GET FIT DON’T QUIT campaign and have a chance to win a one-year VIP membership at Summit Fitness.

The VIP membership grants unlimited 24/7 access to both the weights and cardio equipment and a friend can accompany you to the gym for free.

Enter to win at

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