Stacey Case Hosting StampBlankz Launch at Cline House Gallery

Krystine Therriault - Seaway News
Stacey Case Hosting StampBlankz Launch at Cline House Gallery
Stacey Case holding his invention, StampBlankz, being launched at Cline House Gallery on December 17, 2022. (Photo : Stacey Case)

Fifty-four-year-old Stacey Case has worked in the screenprinting and design industry for thirty years. Eight months ago, he moved to Cornwall from Hamilton and decided to pick up an old hobby – and launch a new product – StampBlankz.

“I used to work in an art supply store, and I had the idea for blank rubber stamps. Then I forgot about it, and I moved on with my life,” he explains, “I wanted to start carving rubber stamps again after 30 years. So, I went and looked for blank rubber stamps and they still didn’t exist.”

Case contacted a woodworker friend and started making his own blanks. People asked for them and he shared some, asking himself why no one had made these before. People were really enjoying them so he contacted an art supply store in Brockville called Medium Effort, where he teaches screenprinting, and asked if they wanted to stock them.

They said yes.

Soon after, Stacey went to Toronto and did another sales pitch, stocking StampBlankz in three more stores. At that point, he knew he was on to something. Case, owner of Cornwall Stamp Company, has applied to appear on Season 18 of Dragon’s Den for financial support and help from the Dragons for his product.

StampBlankz come in three different sizes of rubber stamps to carve. Made right here in Cornwall, they have contoured wood handles made from reclaimed Canadian red oak. Sold in screenprinted and stamped cardboard boxes, each features four StampBlankz in three different sizes.

“I’m having a lot of fun with the packaging and stuff like that because I am a screenprinter,” added Case, “I designed screenprinted packaging that includes a rubber stamp on the box and I’m looking forward to showing people on Saturday at Cline House Studio.”

Stacey also teaches screenprinting at Cline House Gallery and may expand his classes to places like Alexandria and Vankleek Hill.

“I think printing is amazing. Like duplication, photocopiers, rubber stamps, I love all this stuff so if I can share the knowledge that I’ve acquired in the last 30 years of working in the business, I will.”

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