Bringing world-class surgical technology to local breast cancer patients

Seaway News Staff
Bringing world-class surgical technology to local breast cancer patients

A few months ago, I introduced readers of Seaway News to CCH’s Dr. Sahar Shirazi, a general surgeon with specialization in breast oncology from the University of Ottawa. In early 2021, Dr. Shirazi began offering breast reconstruction surgery at CCH, a welcome new addition to the work our hospital offers local cancer patients.

“My own mother’s journey with breast cancer inspired me to help other women, like her surgeon helped her,” says Dr. Shirazi. “I’m proud to serve patients across this community, delivering opportunities that smaller centres can rarely provide.”

Working closely with CCH’s surgical and diagnostic imaging teams, Dr. Shirazi will soon pioneer another local first. On August 25, the Corus Caring Hearts Radiothon will raise funds for new surgical technology helping patients with nonpalpable breast cancer. With your support, CCH will join a handful of hospitals across Canada offering Breast Seed Localization (BSL).

What is nonpalpable breast cancer? Nonpalpable tumours can’t be found (or felt) during an exam, but they can be identified through ultrasounds, mammography or MRI.

Standard surgical preparation is time-consuming, complex to schedule, and often uncomfortable for patients, requiring a wire to be inserted into the patient’s breast tissue hours before surgery.

How can BSL technology help? Using diagnostic imaging, a tiny locator “seed” is injected into the patient’s breast tissue up to 5 days before surgery. The seed is placed where the nonpalpable mass is located. The patient can’t feel the seed once it’s in place, greatly increasing their comfort level. During surgery, a probe is used to easily locate the seed, allowing precise removal of the nonpalpable tumour. The locator seed is removed during surgery.

Important facts about Breast Seed Localization Technology:

  • More comfort & convenience for patients; more precision & flexibility for surgeons.
  • Project will allow CCH to help 2-3 breast cancer patients each month.
  • Cost is approx. $85,000. Additional funds raised from this year’s Radiothon will support urgent medical equipment needs benefitting patients across CCH.

Your donations will help us make a difference!

Please support this incredible new opportunity from now until August 25th by donating online at: You can follow our Corus Caring Hearts Radiothon live from home on Wednesday, August 25th:

  • Tune in to BOOM 101.9 and 104.5 Fresh Radio
  • Facebook or Twitter: @boom1019Cornwall or @1045freshradio
  • Download RadioPlayer Canada app on iTunes or GooglePlay
  • On Radiothon Day, use our Cogeco call-in line to donate! 613-935-7762
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