Finding opportunities

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Finding opportunities

Amidst COVID-19, take a stroll with us as we depart from our regularly scheduled programming for the month and discuss an opportunity that this pandemic is shining a light on…

This pandemic has taught us all a lot, but one of the most important things we are learning is that businesses who are online or who have already adopted modern technology are faring the COVID-19 storm better than those who have not. While 4 out of 5 consumers shop online, only about 1 out of 5 businesses are selling online.
If you can’t sell your product online or don’t have access to cloud based software; If you only have a desktop at the office and no scanner at your home; If you rely on checks and haven’t set yourself up for online payments; If you don’t have the ability to easily (and securely) share information, you may have found yourself clamoring for solutions or making due with a patch work of less than ideal “fixes”. You are in turn less productive, more frustrated and are earning less revenue than you could be.

New technology can be confusing and daunting. Consider that there are over 25 million software applications created every minute. How do you make sense of all the options and ensure that the right technology is selected for your business and your specific needs?

Many local small businesses have Facebook, but few have well functioning websites and even fewer have e-commerce capability. Businesses are fumbling through multiple social media platforms and taking phone calls to take orders for products. While we push the importance of shopping local, many of our local businesses do not have the ability to sell their product in anything other than rudimentary fashion. This pain point is being magnified right now. We have heard countless stories from consumers who want to shop local but the only way to order is to call their phone number, and no one is there to pick up the phone. Earning revenue, enough to keep the lights on, is critically important right now, so why are some businesses throwing money out the window?

If you are one of these businesses who have been a slow adopter of technology, consider using this time, not to re-coil inward in frustration and anxiety, but to build more resilient and technologically driven company. Let us appreciate the time we now have to work “on” the business instead of just “in” the business. Small business owners, there are resources (and grants) out there to help you navigate your way through the technology maze. Not sure how to create a website? Do not know which CRM system is best for your business? Need help selecting a point of sale system?

There are more resources than ever right now to help you get online and adopt technology. We and our partners are here to help. Reach out.

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