Make 2023 a year of learning

Francis Racine - City of Cornwall
Make 2023 a year of learning

We’ve made it — we’re now in 2023!

As is the case with nearly everyone, you’ve probably made yourself a list of goals that you hope to tackle over the new year. Here’s one that you probably didn’t think of but that could end up being useful — becoming a more informed resident.

It’s a pretty easy process — all you have to do is visit There, you will a wealth of information about the many services that are offered to Cornwall residents.

Did you know that there are an incredible 41 smoke-free public parks in the City of Cornwall? By visiting our website, you’ll be able to find information on each of these. This includes not only their location, but also what kind of facilities they house — this could be outdoor rinks, playgrounds, ball diamonds and even splash pads, among other things.

There, you can also find several different maps of Cornwall. These range from the Cornwall landfill, zoning, future construction projects and even the water and sewer network. Yet it doesn’t even stop there. You can also peek at what Cornwall used to look like from the sky back in 1929!

You can also read up on all the city’s newest announcements — simply click on the news tab and you will be able to browse all the press releases that have been published.

Why stop there? Learn all about waste collection too! Did you know that there are garbage collection rules? For example, garbage cans must have two handles and must not be bigger than 136 litres or 32 gallons.

What’s more, small grocery bags are technically not accepted at the curb. Instead, these must be put inside a garbage bag or in a garbage can.

When you visit, you will also be able to find this year’s printable 2023 Waste Collection Calendar. Simply print it and tape it to your fridge — you’ll never miss a bulky item pick up or Give a Shirt date ever again!

Have you ever wanted to become a business owner? Do you think that 2023 might be the year where you finally make the leap? Well then you ought to reach out to the Cornwall Business Enterprise Centre. It provides support and guidance to business owners and entrepreneurs in the City of Cornwall, Counties of SDG and Akwesasne.

That includes free consultations, reviewing business plans as well as workshops and seminars.

I hope that you have a great and wonderful year!

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