On the Menu This Week: Bakeries/Dessert Shops

Krystine Therriault - Foodies of Cornwall & SDG
On the Menu This Week: Bakeries/Dessert Shops

If you’re on the hunt for some exceptional baked goods, look no further!

These three bakeries/dessert shops are small businesses with big heart, who spend their days making Cornwall sweeter.


If your sweet tooth is craving something fresh and exciting, make sure you check out POSH NOSH, located in unit 377 of the Leduc Shopping Centre on Eleventh Street East.

This new Cornwall gem had a successful soft opening for two weeks in August before owner Hassane Fellah and his wife welcomed their new baby to the world. They have now been opened for just over two months.

Fellah, who is originally from Morocco, studied bakery and pastry in the early 2000s. “I worked for a few months back home in Morocco but most of my experience was in the Middle East, Indian Ocean, England, and some places in Africa,” he explained.

POSH NOSH’s specialty is innovative desserts.

“Every month, every week I am trying to make something new in macarons as a flavor,” said Fellah, who also makes cheesecakes, mousse cakes, gluten free desserts, and more.

Fairy Sweet

Fairy Sweet, located near the corner of Second and Pitt next to Gordon’s Jewellers, will celebrate five years at their storefront in January. Born and raised in Cornwall, owner Suzanne Martin sold baked goods from home for five years before setting up shop downtown.

“A lot of the recipes that I use here are my grandmother’s. People really appreciate the old-fashioned style of baking, the pies, and the squares,” Martin shared, “We also specialize in a lot of keto.”

The bakery is proudly owned and run by family.

Suzanne works with her husband, Lionel Derouchie, who makes pies and wraps. Their granddaughter, Cynthia Lovejoy, often works in the store’s front end and helps with decorating, while Suzanne’s 82-year-old mother, Anita Martin, does a lot of the packing.

“We get customers from all over the world,” she added, “Our tagline is locally made but loved around the world and that’s so true.”


Riley’s European Bakery was opened in Cornwall in 1905 and has been owned by four families. The previous owners, the Currans, owned the bakery for just over 30 years before retiring and selling to its new owner, Marc Champagne.

“I was a customer, and 18 years ago now I told [Mr. Curran] if he was ever interested in selling, I really wanted this,” said Champagne, who was born and raised in Cornwall, “And now, the timing was just perfect. My two kids work with me and they’re at the perfect age.”

The Champagne family opened their doors on December 6. Marc works with his son, Dawson, and daughter, Alexis.

“We do bread from scratch every morning. We’re here before 5 am mixing some ingredients and getting the bread ready for 10 o’clock when we open,” Champagne explained.

Riley’s is a popular downtown lunch destination, as many can tell by the lineups that form outside the doors during peak hours. The most popular things at Riley’s are the sandwiches and donuts.



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