So here we are . . . 36 years later

Seaway News Staff
So here we are . . . 36 years later
While viewing updated news on their iPads and iPhones, Seaway News editor Nicholas Seebruch and Publisher Rick Shaver (seated) take a few minutes to review how the paper has come a long way in 36 years, by showing off the first MAC computer that was purchased by Seaway News in the ‘80s.

So here we are, celebrating our 36th anniversary. It has been a long time since we started the Seaway Shopping News in our little location at Pitt and Sixth. The years have passed, and our little paper now is delivered to most of SD and G, over 36,500 copies weekly combined. Last week we did some fine tuning and have Finch, Moose Creek, Avonmore plus a few other regions back to one hundred percent. Our city continues to develop as more homes are reaching completion so we can continue to deliver to them.

Imagine, 36,500 papers printed then delivered directly to homes and to our selected stands, located beside Canada Post boxes. Home delivery still allows for auditing and assuring delivery. It’s a challenge during a snowstorm, rainstorms, or heat spell but we get it done. Yes, some weeks we miss but we correct once we are notified. Sometimes it takes a few weeks but overall, it’s completed.

Seaway News now also has a web site to go with the printed paper. is updated daily. It’s a great place to start your day as we have community events posted as well as our updated obituary section, our business card section and real estate. You also can check throughout the day for updates.  Our Facebook page will also link you to the main site at any time.

COVID has hurt us like it has many other businesses in the community. We had to make some changes that would allow us to keep going. Our new strategic plan shows that getting through this was tougher, to get back to normal will just as tough but we will prevail, and we will continue to bring you community news weekly. My team is committed and that is why they are so good.

36 years behind us. Now we move into year 37. Newsprint and web. We will use both to get the news and advertising messages to you. Our combination will continue to be a leader.

Rick Shaver


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