Spring Sidewalk Sale, home for the Easter Bunny and other construction …

News from The Square - Leo Doucet
Spring Sidewalk Sale, home for the Easter Bunny and other construction …

Did you know that next week Cornwall Square will be holding its SPRING SIDEWALK SALE from March 16th to March 24th and yes, it is 8 days, I hear you.

Did you know that March Break is upon us this week and for those that did not jet away to the warm and sunny south or seek out a rare patch of snow on the ski hills, the mall is the place to hang out.  Perhaps a little noisier than normal and a reduction in the median age of the daily customers due to the influx of teens that are looking for something to do and somewhere to meet and grab a bite and chat with their friends just like our regular retirees do every morning and mid-afternoons, just with a little more exuberance perhaps (i.e. noisier).

Did you know that the Easter Bunny Garden is under construction as the mall maintenance team along with Katie Hope from Balloon Babes and Bruce Wickham are joining forces to create an interesting Bunny Garden that will be ready for the Easter Bunny’s visits on Saturday March 23rd, Sunday March 24th, and Saturday March 30th.

Did you know that as in past years, Cornwall Square will be closed on both GOOD FRIDAY, March 29th, and EASTER SUNDAY March 31st.

Did you know that all that noise that you hear coming from behind the tarp in between WOK EXPRESS and SIP & SCOOP is the new Fried Chicken restaurant’s contractor working away at finishing the new interior of what was supposed to be CHICKEN GARDEN, however the owners are working on a new shorter name for the restaurant.  Stay tuned for CHICKEN______?  As soon as I know, you will too.  Look for an opening in late April.

You need to know that The Alzheimer Society will be hosting a Volunteer Recruitment drive here at Cornwall Square today, Wednesday March 13th from 9:00am to 12:00 noon in front of Dollarama and Shoppers Drug Mart.

Did you know that on Saturday March 23rd, International Auction will be making its spring visit to Cornwall Square looking to buy, collectibles, coins, gold and silver jewelry.  They will be on the main level in the former hair salon between Peoples and Laura Secord.

Did you know that Easter is a little over 2 weeks from now, that leaves precious little time to stock up on your favorite chocolates to give to your loved ones as well as to secure your supply of Easter Eggs to hide so the kids can have a fun filled Easter Egg Hunt on the Sunday morning.  Laura Secord has their distinctive selection of chocolates while Shoppers Drug Mart and Dollarama have their inventory to choose from.


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