The passenger elevator goes up and down … not!  How bright can yellow be?

Leo Doucet—News from The Square
The passenger elevator goes up and down … not!  How bright can yellow be?

Did you know that elevators are supposed to go up and down continuously, unfortunately sometimes those elevators decide to change course and they go down and up.  They certainly never go side to side but occasionally elevators get stubborn or sick and refuse to go in any direction.  The Cornwall Square passenger elevator suddenly decided last Wednesday morning that it had enough of going up and down and down and up and refused to budge and, after making a screeching noise it came to a screeching halt.

A review of the passenger elevator by a Schindler Elevator Corp. specialist revealed that the elevator’s “slippers” had worn down, thus preventing the elevator car/cabin from moving along the guiderails up and down between the first and second floors of the mall.  I am not a techie person, however I do understand that the hydraulic elevator, which means that the elevator goes up and down from one floor to the next thanks to a piston under it that pushes the elevator car up and lets it slide back down.   In order for the elevator car/cabin to go straight up and down it needs to follow inside a set of vertical tracks and in order for the elevator car/cabin to stay within the sides of the tracks it has small guides or wheels attached to the car/cabin that slide inside of the tracks.  Those little guides or wheels are called “slippers” and when they wear down, the elevator stops running having lost its means of staying within the vertical tracks thus creating a safety hazard.    Unlike the footwear stores that carry a full inventory of slippers for people, elevator slippers are proving to be harder to find readily as there are no Elevator Shoe Stores handy in Cornwall, much less an Elevator Slipper Store.  The Schindler Elevator Corp. tech is searching for new slippers to install and get customer’s lives back to normal.

As a temporary measure I would suggest that customers with mobility scooters go up to the third level of the parking garage and enter the mall by the bridge between the third level of the parking garage and the upper level of the mall.  This will give people a chance to take the scenic route through the parking garage at the posted speed of course.  For those with walkers it unfortunately is a bigger challenge to go up and down on the escalators as escalators are not the user friendliest towards walkers on the going down part, and perhaps also on the going up part.  If there is an urgent need to get to the upper level, those with walkers may wish to join the mobility scooters on their scenic tour of the parking garage up to its third level.

Cornwall Square management hopes that our passenger elevator gets its new pair of slippers ASAP if not sooner.

Can you believe how bright the new YELLOW curbs are?

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