Three minutes with the Mayor of South Stormont

South Stormont Mayor Bryan McGillis
Three minutes with the Mayor of South Stormont
South Stormont Mayor Bryan McGillis

The Township of South Stormont is expecting some exciting developments that are going to be excellent additions to our communities.

Woodland Villa, a Long-Term Care home that has been a fixture in Long Sault for many years will be nearly doubling its footprint to allow for the 17 additional spaces, while upgrading the existing 111 spaces in the facility.

These new beds are desperately needed in our community, but equally important is improving the existing spaces to allow for a greater quality of life for all residents of Woodland Villa.

The addition and reconfiguration of the Woodland Villa will include four “neighbourhoods” with a new courtyard centered in the middle and connecting the existing and the new buildings.

Developers have broken ground on the project, and we’re anticipating completion in December 2022.

We are also going to be seeing some development in the spring of 2021 at our Ingleside Industrial Park site as Wills Transfer is set to develop a warehouse and third-party logistics distribution centre.

Our location is ideally situated for warehousing and logistics operations, given our close proximity to major city centres, international and provincial borders, the St. Lawrence River and highway 401.

We’re looking forward to welcoming Wills Transfer to our community with their 200,000 sq. ft. facility, and the jobs and economic spin off for South Stormont.
Overall, the Township is experiencing a development surge in both commercial and residential properties. We’ve seen an increase of approximately 50% of building permits issued. As of the end of October, we’ve experienced a total of over $41M in construction value, which represents an increase of more than $24M from 2019 during the same time period.

It is exciting times in South Stormont in terms of our development, which helps support jobs, create vibrant communities, and adds to amenities available to our residents.

We look forward to these and other future developments to make South Stormont a better place to live and work.

Mayor Bryan McGillis

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