Une piste cyclable

Seaway News Staff
Une piste cyclable

Waterfront trail in French is piste cyclable – and I can’t count how many times I’ve said those words!

I had the pleasure of joining the Cornwall Tourism team at an outdoor adventure fair in Montreal last year. We spoke to hundreds of people about our region, telling them about fishing, diving, and yes – biking.

These outdoor enthusiasts were so excited to hear about our “piste cyclable.”

They wanted to know about the safety of the path – how a long portion of the trail is separate from the road. They wanted to know about the views – so we told them about the mighty St. Lawrence River. They wanted to know about amenities nearby – so we described our vibrant downtown and Le Village restaurants and businesses.

The fact is, the waterfront trail is an asset for all of us to enjoy – even if we’ve lived next to it all our lives. More and more residents are re-discovering City bike paths and parks while other entertainment options are closed due to COVID-19.

While you’re out exploring this summer, keep an eye out for these features along the St. Lawrence River:

New docks at the Lamoureux Park and Guindon Park boat launches,

Edible gardens behind the bandshell,

Water stations throughout the path, and

Recycling bins (don’t forget to sort properly!)

I’d also recommend that you meander up Pitt Street to check out the bright picnic tables City staff have painted, and to enjoy whichever business, artist, or non-profit is occupying the painted seacans that are acting as pop-up shops this summer.

While more and more people are becoming tourists in their own communities, I feel lucky to live in a city with so much to offer – and to work alongside a team of staff who care about making these spaces inviting, clean, and beautiful.

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