Go ahead and Give a Shirt

By Nick Seebruch

Published on October 3, 2017

Dave Kuhn and Danielle Watson of the City of Cornwall's Environmental Services Division are spearheading the Cornwall Gives a Shirt Campaign (Nick Seebruch/ TC Media).

CORNWALL, Ontario - The citizens of Cornwall are asked to Give a Shirt during Waste Reduction week from Oct. 16 to 20.

During that week, citizens are invited to leave a bag of lightly used clothing out with their garbage to be picked up and distributed to one of three local non-profit thrift stores.

The City of Cornwall is focusing on one of the three "R's" during this year's Canada Waste Reduction week and in this case that are is "Reuse".

Donated clothes should be in a separate bag marked with a ribbon and a tag saying "I Give a Shirt".

The thrift stores who will be benefitting from the fundraising drive include the Salvation Army, the Agapè Centre and Maison Baldwin House's Serendipity Boutique.

"I know clothing donations lessen closer to winter so this is the perfect opportunity for our local charities to stock up on donations before the winter," said Danielle Watson, Waste Management Supervisor with the City of Cornwall's Environmental Services Division, who helped organize the campaign.

The campaign not only will help support those in need, but will also help divert waste from the City's landfill.

City staff and volunteers will be following the City's dump truck throughout the week and will pick up the bags. Helping those in need can be as easy as taking out the trash.