Fine time for Fine Wines

Alycia Douglass

Published on September 23, 2017

From left, Evan Lecours, Kaitlyn Harrington, Chantal Harrington, and Alex Favreau at Cornwall Fine Wines' grand opening this Saturday, Sept. 23. (Alycia Douglass/TC Media)

CORNWALL, Ontario - Cornwall Fine Wines celebrated their grand opening at their new 1730 Pitt Street location this Saturday, Sept. 23. 

It was a crowded house as guests enjoyed lunch, cake and of course, some tasty samples.

“It’s a little overwhelming to have so many people here,” said owner, Chantal Harrington. “But we’re so happy for their continued support.”

After over 20 years, Harrington says that their previous location was practically bursting at the seams. With double the space, there’s now ample room for winemaking and storage.

Having been a part of Cornwall’s wine culture for over two decades, Harrington says that her clients are not limited to those preparing for special occasions.

“We do have people coming in for weddings and other events,” said Harrington. “But most people just want to have their own bottle of wine on hand.”

Also carrying two beer making lines, Harrington says that adding unique flavours and aromas is not limited to the craft beer world.

“Some people will add oak, elderberries, or other things to their wine,” said Harrington. “One lady adds coffee beans to her wine as it ferments, and it’s really delicious.”

With food and beverage having a long-time reputation for bringing people together, Harrington says that the social aspect is her favourite part of the job.

“I enjoy the people,” said Harrington. “I love it. I come in every day, and it’s like seeing old friends all the time and making new ones.”