Woe is me, it's (almost) Halloween

Alycia Douglass

Published on September 29, 2017

Fantasy Realm's Carol and Randy Sauve had some great suggestions for your Halloween hangups. (Alycia Douglass/TC Media)

CORNWALL, Ontario - The weather has finally cooled down, and many of us are now breathing a huge sigh of relief. But with crisp, fall weather comes another mountainous task: preparing for Halloween.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: ‘but I actually like Halloween!’ Even so, in the golden age of YouTube and Instagram, the bar has undeniably been raised for those looking to create a unique costume. So, how are we supposed to look cool, creative, and keep up with the latest trends this Halloween? Fret not, Fantasy Realm’s Randy and Carol Sauve have got you covered.

“I think that Harley Quinn is still going to be popular this year,” says Randy. “Anything Star Wars is also looking like it’s going to be big – especially with the new film coming out in December.”

Not looking to jump on any bandwagons? Test your design skills, and try crafting your own costume. There are endless helpful resources that will guide you through the entire process. Ps, did you know that Jon Snow’s iconic fur cloak was fashioned from Ikea rugs?

With the cosplay community growing steadily, people have even more opportunity to show off the costumes they’ve invested countless hours into.

“I think that as people start putting more effort into their costumes, they’re looking to wear them for more than one occasion,” says Randy.

Carol and Randy also had some spooky comic book recommendations for those looking for a festive read. Topping the list were ‘The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’, and of course, ‘The Walking Dead.’

“This is Sabrina like you’ve never seen her before,” says Carol. “It’s darker, grungier, and targeted at more mature readers.”

Still hungry for more Halloween goodness? On Saturday, Oct. 28, CAPE and Fantasy Realm will host Halloween Comicfest with fun for the whole family. Set to take place at the Civic Complex, the event will also offer trick-or-treating for the kids.

“People don’t trick-or-treat the same way,” says Randy. “Our show is not a replacement for Halloween, but it’s an alternative for those who may miss out otherwise.”

Comic book artist and illustrator, Dan Day will be the event's special guest. Notably, Jeremy London, best known for his role as TS Quint in Kevin Smith’s cult classic, 'Mallrats,' has just been announced as special guest for CAPE 2018.