A learning experience

Nick Seebruch
A learning experience
Pictured with Rick Shaver (middle) are Jacob Levac

CORNWALL, Ontario – The work at Rachel’s Kids House of Hope supports children who have autism or learning disabilities. Rachel’s Kids is also working to foster a better understanding for those who have autism and will be doing so in partnership with the Autism Reality Experience.

The Autism Reality Experience is a mobile educational exhibit that tries to simulate how a person with autism experiences the world.

It was created by Shane and Austin Riley. Austin Riley is a young, championship go-cart racer who has autism.

“This is a very practical, hands on experience that gives participants a greater insight into autism and helps us see the world from an autistic person’s perspective,” a statement from the Autism Reality Experience team reads. “This experience is suitable for professionals working in health and social care at all levels as well as family members or informal carers who want to have a better understanding of autism.”

The Autism Reality Experience will be available at the next meeting of 100 Souls in support of Rachel’s Kids.

The 100 Souls program is a group of 100 supporters of Rachel’s Kids House of Hope. Each member contributes $100 and they meet quarterly for one hour.

“I was on the board of Rachel’s Kids for almost 10 years and vice-chair for almost eight, eventually, I had to step away, but have always wanted to stay involved,” said Gillian Oxley-Harper, a 100 Souls member. “Rachel’s Kids is a great charity and I believe so strongly in what they do. It is a minimal amount to invest while still being able to make a significant impact.”

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