A trip to the stars

Andrzej Terrence, Special to TC Media
A trip to the stars

CORNWALL, Ontario – St. John’s Presbyterian Church held their annual Christmas pageant on Sunday Dec. 17, however, they added twist.

This year, Debbie Plant with the help of the Church’s youth group themed their pageant to Star Wars.

Plant has run the pageant for 12 years and this year the decision to style it after Star Wars was overwhelming.

“Star Wars has always been a passion for me and I like to get the kids involved with choosing the pageant,” said Plant.

Plant has seen newest Star Wars, the Last Jedi, that was released last Friday.

The church’s elders approved of the themed approach due to it’s out of the box nature.

Rev. Ian Johnston with St. John’s Church agreed with the idea saying, “The church today has to be able to portray the message in accordance to  the language that the younger generation are involved with. I think it’s great!”

The story follows the original nativity from the perspective of the Magi also known as the Jedi as they search for a newborn King.

“The Bible is the story of good and evil so you can look at Star Wars with a common thread of having a saviour and a battle between the same good and evil,” explained Plant.

All of the characters were based on those from Star Wars including Luke Skywatcher played by Lauren Thomas, Yoma played by Deanne Gill, and Darth Herod played by Keppel Bharath.

Some other characters include Mary by Amanda Mullin, Only One Kenobi by Gwanyama, Herod’s Advisor by Nico Fourkiotis and two readers Monica Brown and Innes Adams.

“It’s something new for the people to experience and is interesting to see their response,” said Johnston.

Claine and the youth group started to work on the pageant in Nov. working twice a week until their performance.

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