After 33 years, still having fun at Fantasy

After 33 years, still having fun at Fantasy
Randy Sauve

CORNWALL, Ontario – With superheroes being at their all-time high it is no surprise that comic shops are too!

Randy Sauve owner and operator of the Fantasy Realm, Cornwall’s only comic shop, celebrated its 33rd anniversary on Saturday, Feb. 3, 2018.

Sauve started Fantasy Realm in February 1985 and has been going ever since selling comic books, sports cards, and action figures as well as any pop culture icons.

“I’ve seen a lot of changes in the comic book industry and its been kind of neat to watch it develop,” said Sauve.

Many of Randy’s customers have grown up with Fantasy Realm and have developed an ever-changing community of like-minded individuals.

Scott Beaudoin has been going to Fantasy Realm since he was 15 and has been a diehard customer since its conception.

“When Darth Vader said ‘I am your father’ that was the jaw-dropping moment that got me into storytelling and in turn got me going to Fantasy Realm,” explained Beaudoin.

It has not been an easy 33 years for Randy Sauve with a wide variety challenges from construction to ice storms.

“One of the biggest challenges was the reconstruction of the storefront and the deconstruction of the mall,” said Sauve.

Randy Sauve negotiated those challenges by keeping a log and posting it on Facebook.

Comic books and stores have changed for the better as customers have aged and new fans have emerged.

Many developers like Marvel and DC Comics originated from the support of fans and comic shops like Fantasy Realm.

With fans like Randy and Scott comics and storytelling will continue for another 33 years.

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