Battle of Britain remembered

Alycia Douglass
Battle of Britain remembered
Lt.-Col. Christopher Horner was the guest of honour at the Battle of Britain's commemorative ceremony this Sunday

CORNWALL, Ontario – The Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) payed respect to those lost in the Battle of Britain this Sunday, Sept. 24.

Often described as the first major military campaign fought entirely by air forces, the 1940 battle amassed over 40,000 fatalities in a six-month period. Members and dignitaries were present at the RCAF Association’s Wing 424 to honour the Royal Air Force (RAF) for their service in British airspace.

“If it was not for the RAF, and the commonwealth forces that fought on behalf of good, the war would have been lost to the Germans,” said Lt.-Col. Christopher Horner, guest speaker and Aerospace Control Operations at the Nav Centre.

Discussing the impact of aerospace control on military strategy, Horner said that the average interceptive mission percentage went from 25 percent to 70 and over once RAF observers were introduced.

Honouring the feat of fellowship and bravery, Horner noted that it was ‘their finest hour.’ Addressing member of the RCAF, Horner stated that it was their duty to carry the torch

“Those individuals are the guardians of your sovereignty. It will continue to be their finest hour for the rest of their careers as they continue to defend and protect this great nation,” said Horner. “That is what won the Battle of Britain, and they are what will keep Canada safe in the future.”

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