BBBS holding an “outside the case” fundraiser

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By Nick Seebruch
BBBS holding an “outside the case” fundraiser
Dave Murphy, Fundraising Coordinator for BBBS Cornwall with the Beer Survivor prize pool. Submitted photo.

CORNWALL, Ontario – Like many non-profits this year, Big Brothers/ Big Sisters  (BBBS) Cornwall have had to think outside the box when it comes to fundraisers, or more appropriately, outside the case.

BBBS Cornwall is currently holding a reverse draw for their Beer Survivor fundraiser.

There are 30 teams of six, for 180 participants total. How the fundraiser works is that each team member had to donate $20 to BBBS and a six pack of beer to the prize pool, from Monday to Friday this week 34 names are being drawn each day. When every name from a team has been drawn, that team is eliminated from the contest.

The final 10 names will be drawn on Monday, Aug. 24 and that person will win first place for their entire team.

The first place team wins 14 six packs for each member of the team, second place gets eight six packs each, and third gets six six packs each. There is a consolation prize for the first team eliminated of two six packs for each team member.

This fundraiser has raised $3,600 for BBBS Cornwall and the winners of the contest will be named next week.

According to Dave Murphy, Fundraising Coordinator for BBBS Cornwall, a similar fundraiser will be taking place in September, but this time it will be a Wine Survivor contest.

This contest will feature 50 teams of six. Each entrant will be required to donate $20 to BBBS and one bottle of wine to in order to compete with the last team left at the end of the reverse draw being the Wine Survivors.

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