Beauty and the Beast Comedy Tour

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Beauty and the Beast Comedy Tour
Darren Frost (Photo : Submitted photo.)

Comedians Darren Frost and Lisa Baker are bringing their no holds barred adult comedy tour to La Maison on February 3rd and Alexandria Atlantic Pub on February 4th.

Together, Frost and Baker have over 40 years of combined experience doing stand-up comedy from coast to coast. While Darren Frost is no stranger to doing shows in the area and refers to Cornwall as a “great comedy town”, this will be Lisa’s first time hitting the stage in the city.

The duo has already sold out several other shows in Ontario, including Kingston, Barrie, Blind River, Hanmer, and Port Hope and are hoping to have a good turnout in SDG this weekend.

“I think the first time that I came to Cornwall was at least 20 years ago, if not 25 years ago. There used to have a place called Freddie’s and they used to have comedy there every single week. I played Freddie’s a few times and once that place closed, I did some halls down there for fundraisers, played some bars, and I’ve also been to La Maison two or three times over the last eight years,” said Frost.

In addition to his dark style of comedy, Darren Frost is also an actor and voice actor. He had roles in movies like Fever Pitch (2005) and Hairspray (2007), to name a few. Recently, he has carved a niche for himself doing voice acting for animated cartoons like Total DramaRama and Ranger Rob.

Lisa Baker was born and raised in St. John’s Newfoundland and now lives in Alberta. She has toured across the country doing stand-up for 17 years and has had great success on Tik Tok, amassing nearly 350,000 followers. Baker has been featured on CBC’s LOL program, made multiple appearances on The Debaters, and has two albums, “To Completion” and “Super Newfie”, out on SiriusXM.

Cornwall La Masion Feb 3

Alexandria Atlantic Pub


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