Breaking bread at drop-in dinner

Alycia Douglass
Breaking bread at drop-in dinner

CORNWALL, Ontario – This Saturday, Apr. 29, the Trinity Anglican Church hosted a full course dinner for residents typically unable to afford a sit-down meal with friends and family.

The dinner was organized as an extension of the Trinity Drop-In Day Program, which offers free breakfast to community members in need.

Rev. Peter Cazaly, Pastoral Associate with the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa says that he was initially approached by a local mosque, as well as the Social Development Council to put together a dinner for those who regularly use the drop-in centre.

“We decided on a date, and thought the hall would be the best place to hold it since they’re used to coming here throughout the week,” said Rev. Cazaly.

The event was designed to not only celebrate diversity and acceptance, but also to shed light on the issue of poverty.

Rev. Cazaly says that he’s had no trouble finding local people in difficult circumstances.

“There are a lot of people struggling to make ends meet,” said Rev. Cazaly “People struggling to survive on a disability pension or some other form of assistance.”

Cornwall City Councillor, Justin Towndale says that the necessity of food banks and soup kitchens isn’t an ideal situation.

“It shows that there’s a level of poverty in the city, and it shows that there’s a greater issue we need to address,” said Towndale. “But the fact that there’s an initiative here to help people who need it is important.”

In addition to breakfast each Monday, Wednesday and Friday, the Trinity Drop-In Day Program also supplies community members with various personal hygiene products, baby products, as well as laundry products. They also have a food cupboard ministry in place, which provides a bag of basic groceries to people having difficulty getting enough to eat.

People come in and start sharing their story, and we find out in real terms what life is like in the city from day to day for people who just don’t have enough to survive,” said Rev. Cazaly. “If anybody says that Cornwall has no homeless people – they’re wrong. I’ve met them.”

For more information about the Trinity Drop-In Program, and how to donate, check out their website.

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