Bringing out the kilts for Optimist Convention

Alycia Douglass
Bringing out the kilts for Optimist Convention
The Optimist Club of Cornwall have announced the theme of this year's Optimist Convention.

CORNWALL, Ontario – The Optimist Club of Cornwall has revealed that the theme of this year’s Optimist Convention will be “Tilt your Kilt,” taking place Aug. 17-19 at Ramada Cornwall.

While the Optimists are excited to embrace the area’s Scottish heritage, it’s not the first time members have put on their kilts for the event. Club president, Ralph Brunton says that the theme was used back in 2000, and was well-received by those in attendance.

“Some people still talk about that convention today,” said Brunton. “We figured it was time to bring it back but make a few changes.”

According to Brunton, attendants can expect the popular strongman games, entertainment by local talent, as well as a kilt-building competition, which will use everyday items to create an off-the-wall kilt. Once assembled, participants will model their creation.

“It just adds another element of fun,” said Brunton. “We’re really looking forward to what people will come up with.”

Chair of Entertainment, Donna Crites says that while the group is still in the early planning stages, they are looking for donations of assorted items that could be used to make a kilt.

“We are looking for local attractions, pins, maps, coupons,” said Crites. “I’m eager to work with such a great bunch, but honestly the finished kilts and fashion show is shaping up to be really exciting.”

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