Celebrate your community with the brand-new Cornwall-Opoly board game!

Provied by Outset Media
Celebrate your community with the brand-new Cornwall-Opoly board game!

The Cornwall-Opoly board game (based on Monopoly, the best-selling game of all time) is available now so grab your friends and family and become the biggest real estate tycoon in the house. The money is imaginary, but the competition is real.

Canadian-owned and operated Outset Media has partnered with Walmart Canada to launch a limited-edition board game that draws attention to some of the great things Cornwall offers. The game is available now at Walmart and online at Walmart.ca. Cornwall-Opoly takes an original spin on the classic version of Monopoly, by making the locations for sale crucial aspects of the Cornwall community. The Locations included in Cornwall-Opoly are the St. Lawrence River, Civic Complex, Cornwall Square, and many others!

People have been spending more time at home, leading to board games experiencing substantial growth in popularity. Now it’s time to bring the celebration to more cities across Canada, so even more people can join in on the fun!

“Outset Media is excited to help families across Canada celebrate where they live. These games were created to help people appreciate some things they cherish about their community.” Said Jean-Paul Teskey, Senior Vice-President of Outset Media. “The support that communities across Canada have given these games has made it possible for Outset Media to add dozens of additional cities and towns in brand new games that will be released throughout 2022!”

Outset Media is thrilled Cornwall has been selected as a community to be featured in this exciting game. Please let me know if you are interested in learning more about Cornwall-Opoly and would like a sample of the game. We look forward to celebrating Cornwall with you!


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