Comedian Derek Edwards performing at Aultsville Nov. 14

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By Nick Seebruch
Comedian Derek Edwards performing at Aultsville Nov. 14
Derek Edwards. Submitted photo.

CORNWALL, Ontario – Fresh off a two-week tour of the Maritimes, comedian Derek Edwards is returning to Cornwall and he’s bringing the laughs with him.

“I’m looking to share with the audience a conscience free chuckle,” he said in an interview with Seaway News.

Edwards explained that while it is hard to avoid politics, people might need a break from the recent federal election.

“Now I’m looking for almost anything to cleanse the palette,” he said.

Edwards finds humour in everyday situations, he explained a recent encounter he had with a police officer in Northern ON.

“I was driving up north at around 2 a.m. and was getting tailgated by this guy behind me,” Edwards explained. “He was on me, about two feet from my bumper, and then the sirens go on.”

He said that when he pulled over, the officer explained to him that he was hoping Edwards would speed up so he could add to his ticket.

Edwards said he just had to laugh.

“He’s got a gun and a taser, so you know to show him some respect,” Edwards chuckled.

Edwards said that he’s excited to return to Cornwall and to Aultsville Theatre.

“It is such an intimate venue,” he said. “The shows have been fun and successful so far, and the people of Cornwall are in for some good-natured laughs. Come on out to an escape hatch from the gnarliness of a screwed-up world.”

Derek Edwards will be performing at Aulstville Theatre on Thursday, Nov. 14. Tickets are available at the Civic Complex box office or online at

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