Cornwall youths envision bright future for city

By Nick Laurin
Cornwall youths envision bright future for city
Elliot, one of the Cornwall Goslings Initiative writing challenge winners

CORNWALL, Ontario – The Cornwall Goslings Initiative have picked the three winners for their latest writing challenge.

This challenge for six to 14-year-olds challenged writers to think about Cornwall’s future.

“The topic is Cornwall’s Future 2041, a fictional writing challenge where kids will answer the question; what is our town like in twenty years from now? How have we changed as a community, how have we stayed the same? How have parks/schools/businesses/housing/etc altered in the last two decades? The sky’s the limit for what they want to write about, as long it pertains to the future of our city,” reads a statement from Cornwall Goslings.

After reading all the entries, the winners were Elliot (7), who has a vision of a very eco-friendly and technologically advanced city, without losing its sense of community. Lydia, who has a vision of a better transportation infrastructure, and creating more exciting opportunities for tourism; and Sarah, who has a vision of a growing population, and the addition of different types of restaurants, sports, schooling, to accommodate everyone.

The winners of the writing challenge each received a $50 Chapters gift card among many more prizes.

The Cornwall Goslings Initiative will be running a Reading Challenge in January, and another writing challenge shortly after that. For more information on these challenges


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