CoTiCon joins forces with Food Fest

Alycia Douglass

CORNWALL, Ontario – CoTiCon grown significantly from its humble beginnings in 2014, having recently collaborated with Cornwall Food Fest and Beyond 21.

Hosted in Lamoureux Park, cosplayers had the opportunity to take part in contests, games, and a walkabout through the downtown core.

Montreal-based, pair, TSKUKI No StarDust say they’ve been doing competitive cosplay for over three years now.

“Usually when we choose a character to cosplay, it’s because we really like them and identify with them,” they said. “We have day jobs, so some costumes can take us months to make.”

Event organizer, Annie DeRochie says that the partnership with Food Fest has been a breeze.

“They’re really easy to work with,” said DeRochie. “And they like what we do because it brings in even more interest to their cause.”

As far as DeRochie is concerned, the partnership will continue next year, as well. With planning starting almost immediately after the costumes come off this year, DeRochie says that it’s important to know what to expect.

“It would be a very catastrophic event if I didn’t plan ahead,” laughed DeRochie.

Dressed as Marin from the Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, DeRochie said that running an event called for something ‘light and airy.’

“Unfortunately, I couldn’t wear any of my bigger costumes today,” said said. “But people are here enjoying themselves, so I can’t complain.”

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