Diversity of Living Things brings the crowd

Alycia Douglass

CORNWALL, Ontario – The Nav Centre’s spacious Bombardier room went wild this weekend, with Diversity of Living Things bringing over 30 live animal exhibits for attendees to enjoy.

Little Ray’s Reptiles collaborated with Animal Ambassadors to offer their largest exhibit, to date, featuring a kangaroo, skunk, several owls, an alligator, snakes, tortoises, tarantulas, and, of course, a baby two-toed sloth.

When seven-month-old baby sloth, Linus emerged (appropriately swaddled in a fleecy blue blanket), the excitement was tangible. Linus, on the other hand, could not have been more unconcerned, drifting in and out of sleep throughout the presentation.

“Sloths spend about 90 percent of their lives upside down,” said presenter, Tyler. “And everything about them is slow – including their digestion. It can take them up to 20 days to process something.”

While most of the animals on exhibit were free to pet and touch under volunteer supervision, Tyler explained that Linus was much too delicate for that kind of handling.

Hamilton zoo director, Kevin Dungey said that they try to bring new animals to each of their exhibits, and Linus was a tremendous success this weekend.

“We travel all over Canada with big exhibits teaching as many people as we can,” said Kevin Dungey. “It’s been a really good turnout, and everybody really seems to like our baby sloth.”

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