Dr. Louis and Jennifer Cardinal donate $15,000 to Arts Centre

Provided by the Community Fundraising Committee for the Arts & Culture Centre of Cornwall
Dr. Louis and Jennifer Cardinal donate $15,000 to Arts Centre
Pictured from left-to-right: Alice Wilson- Haramis, Brian Lynch, Dr. Louis Cardinal & Jennifer Cardinal. Submitted photo.

The Community Fundraising Committee for the Arts & Culture Centre of Cornwall (BE the Link) thanks Dr. Louis and Jennifer Cardinal for their recent generous donation of $15,000 to the Arts Centre.  Katie Burke, chairperson of the fundraising committee said: “The fundraising team is thankful for and encouraged by the great support it has received from local residents, businesses, foundations and various organizations in Cornwall and SD&G.”

Burke stated that the Community Fundraising Committee has now raised $1,031,898 for the Arts Centre exceeding its goal of $1 million and will continue to contact and follow up with potential donors who are intending to contribute.

The online art auction from April 9-May 6 sponsored by Scotiabank Cornwall with a display and curbside pick-up at Cornwall Square was a success raising $8,465 for the Arts Centre.

The GRC architects have completed the preliminary design drawings and made a presentation to Cornwall City Council on March 8. The architects have now moved on to public consultation to complete design drawings and issue the tender for pricing this July.  This will be followed by awarding the construction contract to start construction in early fall 2021.

Burke further stated: “The GRC Architects’ design drawings show that the flexible Arts and Culture Centre with a performance venue and exhibition spaces for artists will support the arts; improve the quality of life in Cornwall; promote tourism; help revitalize downtown Cornwall; and make our city a full-service, all-amenities community.”

To recognize donors, we have 3 large donor panels with the names of donors to the fundraising campaign.  In addition, we have included on the panels photos of the donors who have donated/pledged $5,000 and over.

Once the construction work is completed, donors at the following recognition levels- $500+, $1,000+, $5,000+, $10,000+, $25,000+, $50,000+, $10,000+, and $250,000+ will be formally and permanently recognized in the Arts & Culture Centre.  Naming rights for various features will also be available once the final architectural designs are in place.

Burke concluded: “In the pandemic and post-pandemic, we need the Arts & Culture Centre and its programming more than ever for our mental health and well-being.   The Arts of music, dance, art, theatre, literature in many forms are the essential elements that help maintain balance in our lives.”

For further information contact Katie Burke at 613-93-8353 or brkcornwall@gmail.com or www.bethelink.net

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