Festive fun at Pumpkin Drop

Alycia Douglass
Festive fun at Pumpkin Drop

CORNWALL, Ontario – Hundreds gathered in the parking lot of Dr. Rachel Navaneelan’s Family and Cosmetic Dentistry for the annual Pumpkin Drop in support of Rachel’s Kids.

Weighing it at a hefty 1000 lbs, the colossal pumpkin was provided by Martintown pumpkin farmers, Jim and Terri Reid. Plummeting to a 120-foot demise, some onlookers got a little more pumpkin than they bargained for.

“I did not anticipate such a huge ‘splat’,” said Anna Feeney, remarking on the pumpkin’s scattered remains.

And as it turns out, ‘splat’ is a pretty good word for the sound and carnage that ensues a pumpkin drop, with bits of the pumpkin’s orange shell littering the parking lot.

The pumpkin, however, did not perish in vain, with proceeds going to support Rachel’s Kids and local children in need.

“It’s all in support of a very worthy cause,” said master of ceremonies Bill Hallman.

Filled to the brim with ping pong balls, Mike Contant’s ball came closest to the target, winning the $1000 prize.

Putting the ‘festive fun’ in fundraising, the event attracted onlookers, both old and young – all of whom were captivated by the sight.

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