Fishy business at OPG March Break Camp

Alycia Douglass
Fishy business at OPG March Break Camp
Padraig McAlear

CORNWALL, Ontario – The St. Lawrence Power Development Visitor Centre was a hive of activity this Tuesday, March 14 despite the blizzardly weather. Parents and children alike enjoyed the Man vs. Wild Camp, hosted in partnership with the St. Lawrence River Institute.

Matt Windle, who is a fisheries biologist with the River Institute, was on hand teaching young biology enthusiasts about fish dissection, as well as providing demonstrations of various sampling gear.

“It’s an opportunity to show kids internal anatomy of fish, because their bodies are similar in terms of organs,” said Windle, demonstrating the dissection of a Smallmouth bass and a Walleye. “While a lot of kids fish in the river, they may not know about the inner workings of these fish.”

With some being apprehensive about looking inside their gilled comrades, River Institute Educator and Research Assistant, Joshua Filion was nearby with a fun, fish-related activity for kids.

“Today, we’re making our own lures, so the kids are just putting them together,” said Filion. “I think the kids are enjoying it – it’s a good way to combine science with art.” Filion says that the activity not only allows kids to be creative, but also encourages them to get their hands dirty.

Windle said that while he was worried about the turnout due to the weather, he was pleased with the participation.

“Overall, most of the kids put their gloves on, and are getting right in there,” said Windle.

The River Institute/OPG March Break Camp will continue throughout the week, with all programs running from 10:00 a.m. until noon at the Visitor Centre.

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