Fun on the farm

Alycia Douglass
Fun on the farm
Fred Hahn

APPLE HILL, Ontario – Ponies, and chickens, and goats! Oh my!

Bee Meadow Farms held their second annual Open House this Saturday, June 17 with a slew of activities for the whole family.

With food, farm games, pony rides, and the ever-popular chicken photoshoot, owner, Gordon Campbell says that the event has grown substantially since last year.

“Last year we had over 100 people, but this year, we’ve had a much bigger turnout,” said Campbell.

And that’s not the only thing that’s not the only thing that’s grown.

Campbell’s wife, Natalie Rowe, who oversees most of the farm’s day-to-day responsibilities, says that they’re currently sitting at a count of over 100 animals.

“In the space of three years, we went from two dogs and a few cats to the current ridiculousness,” said Rowe. “To be totally honest, I’ve lost count.”

The couple began adopting cats, and later took a pig named Ophelia under their wing, and soon found out that she was pregnant.

“So, we ended up with seven pigs out of that adoption,” laughed Rowe.

Six goats later, Rowe says it really ‘just snowballed from there.’

While many other animal sanctuaries foster animals with the intention of finding them a ‘forever home,’ Bee Meadow Farms takes pride in providing a permanent home for their furry and feathered friends.

“The idea of the farm isn’t just to look after animals, but also to let people experience the animals,” said Campbell.

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