Heritage Manor holds street dance

Marc Benoit, Special to Seaway News
Heritage Manor holds street dance
Linda Dubeau and Catherine Paradis were thrilled on Saturday, August 29, 2021 as they hosted an outdoor street dance to celebrate the end of summer (Marc Benoit/ Seaway News).

CORNWALL, Ontario – It was a wonderful late summer night for residents of Heritage Manor, as they gathered with visitors outside for a lively outdoor gathering at the Manor on Saturday, Aug. 28, 2021. Residents and their families got the opportunity to enjoy live music and the fresh outdoors. Heritage Manor hosted a street dance, with DJ Luc St. Denis performing for a live audience.

“Catherine had the idea, she wanted a street dance…so we decided to make a street dance!” said Linda Dubeau, activity director for Heritage Manor. Dubeau also  added this was their first major event since health restrictions have relaxed. Each resident was allowed to invite up to two family members.

“Well years ago, I can remember Williamstown having a street dance during the summer, and Martintown having a street dance during the summer,” said Catherine Paradis. “It’s just a lot fun!”

In addition to the live performance, guests and residents got to enjoy a delicious outdoor buffet supported by Heritage Manor staff.

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