Kennedy Celebrating 10th Anniversary with Baico Publishing

Provided by Katalin Kennedy
Kennedy Celebrating 10th Anniversary with Baico Publishing
Katalin Kennedy. submitted photo


With the release of her new book the Tree of Knowledge, at the reopened Cline House Gallery and Studio on May 21 at 2:00 pm, Katalin Kennedy will be celebrating her 10th anniversary with Ottawa’s Baico Publishing:

The Women Gather – 2012

Reconnecting – 2015

Echoes of Footsteps – 2016

Crossing the Threshold – 2019

Tree of Knowledge – 2022

Kennedy was monthly columnist for ten years with Cornwall’s Seaway News

She was Winner of the 2016 Seekers Choice Award for Literary Artist

In 2018 she was inducted in Cornwall Arts Hall of Fame for Literature

All Kennedy’s Books are available from Baico Publishing, Chapters and the Author

Summary of Tree of Knowledge

“Here I am at the brink of forty ‒ without an answer.” Throughout her life, Isabel made difficult choices driven by her physical and emotional concerns. She was devoted to exploration by way of her research, reading and imagination. She attempted to address her innermost meanderings in her writings about: world events, personal histories, mysteries, fantasy, faith, and relationships involving colleagues, friends, her late mother and her sister Franca. As Isabel scrutinized the shifting forces within her and around her, she was becoming aware of impending changes at the closing of 2019.

Kennedy Biography

Katalin (András) Kennedy arrived in Canada as a child refugee with her parents, after the Hungarian uprising of 1956. She attended Carleton University, obtaining her degree in English Literature and Religious Studies. Her career was spent working for the Federal Government as a program manager of national projects addressing seniors’ and women’s issues. Upon retirement, she and her now late husband, the Rev. Duncan Scott Kennedy moved to Cornwall, where she began to pursue her passion for writing first with Seaway News and then her first novel, The Women Gather.

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