Kinsmen Day of KINdness spreads holiday cheer

Kinsmen Day of KINdness spreads holiday cheer
Monte Yancy and Darryl Adams take part in the Kinsmen Day of KINdness at the Food Basics on Second Street on Saturday

CORNWALL, Ontario – Grocery store shoppers were greeted to a kind surprise at the cash on Saturday, December 10, for the semiannual Kinsmen’s Day of KINdness. Kinsmen volunteers were on hand to bag groceries for people, and also giving away monetary prizes and donations to people in need.

“We do this twice a year, and this one is just before christmas,” said Darryl Adams, spokesperson and organizer for the Day of KINdness. “We have $1100 to give away to pay for people’s groceries. We’re also helping bag groceries and we’re giving away free coffee and cookies.”

“This is a time of year when people spend a lot of money, especially on food, so we want to help people out.”

Most people going through the cash register were happy to see Adams and other volunteers helping out, and giving out free coffee and cookies, but for Adams, one customer’s pleasure with the support really stood out, 

“We had one woman who had to put stuff back, but we said we’ll take care of that,” recalled Adams. “She was so happy.” 

The hope is to spread the holiday cheer, as Adams explains. 

“It’s all about paying it forward, hopefully people will go do a kind gesture as well,” 

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