Lamoureux Park gets Elizabethan with Shakespeare in the Park

John MacGillis
Lamoureux Park gets Elizabethan with Shakespeare in the Park
Cornwall is one of the most beautiful destinations for the show, according to Amanda Kellock (John MacGillis/ Seaway News).

CORNWALL, Ontario – Theatre fans of all kinds were drawn to the stage set-up in Lamoureux Park on July 21 for the Repercussion Theatre’s Performance of Measure for Measure.

“Performing in the park is very authentic as to how it would have felt at the Globe Theatre, where Shakespeare’s pieces were originally preformed,” said Amanda Kellock, the Artistic Director.

The event was free to enter and accepted donations during the intermission. “Free entry is a really great part of the show because it brings people out to enjoy Shakespeare that generally wouldn’t want to, so we get a real mix of attendees,” said Kellock

In previous shows audience engagement was noticeable, including gasps and other remarks, according to Kellock. “Having this event in a park-setting allows the crowd to react and be a little more involved than a traditional theatre does,” said Kellock.

Measure for Measure is comedy but is described as a “problem piece” because it doesn’t follow the typical comedic structure like some of Shakespeare’s other pieces, according to Kellock. The performance explored several themes including religion, politics and power, continued Kellock.

“The goal of the performance is to spark a discussion, we include some discussion topics for people to consider at the end of the performance,” said Kellock.

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