Local parent collects pumpkins to give students a fun Halloween activity

Connor McLaughlin, Special to Seaway News
Local parent collects pumpkins to give students a fun Halloween activity
A couple of youngsters at Williamstown Public School with a pile of pumpkins.

WILLIAMSTOWN, Ontario – Kim Lauzon, Parent Council Member for Williamstown Public School (WPS), created a pumpkin collecting initiative, where 240 pumpkins were collected and given to the students at WPS, in order to supply them with an enjoyable experience. 

Kim Lauzon started the collection in the second week of October, and quickly she was able to acquire a large amount of pumpkins and supplies to give the students. 

The collection accepted the donations of both money and pumpkins. The money raised going towards the purchases of pumpkins for students, as well as all decorations for the pumpkins such as stickers and paint. 

In a conversation with Lauzon, she stated that a large number of the pumpkins donated were from local farms, some giving away as many as 20 pumpkins, and that they received a good sum of money raised from members of the community and local parents. 

“We received a ton of pumpkins from our local farms, and even received multiple donations of money, even something like 15 dollars really helped towards giving making this happen,” said Lauzon, thankful to all those who showed their support. 

Some students have already decorated their pumpkins and it is expected that these pumpkins will continue to be accessorized up until Friday, Oct. 29. 

Lauzon explained that since the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of stress must have been placed onto the students, and that this collection will hopefully give the students a chance to relax, as well as give them an opportunity to have a fun festive activity.  

“I am extremely excited and thankful for the generosity of friends and the communities’ donations, and with everyone coming together to assist with the pumpkin collection,” said Lauzon.  

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