Parliament of Owls

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Parliament of Owls
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A string of new releases from a Cornwall-based songwriter will be available for listeners far and wide.

Wade Barras, the heart and soul of Parliament of Owls, has already released ‘Shallow Holes’ – the first single from his debut vinyl album ‘Volume 1’.

Barras, originally from Pembroke but having spent time in all parts of Canada, has established roots in the Seaway City and is ready to let his art do the talking from now on.

The big question, though, for a fellow who has yet to share his talents as a singer/songwriter, is what has inspired you to make this leap now?

“There are moments that you realize how short and fragile life is and that you can’t trust someone else’s opinion of you,” said Barras. “You owe it to yourself and the people you care about that are no longer with us in life to believe in your talent, and your dreams.

“I have lived, lost and loved in a short period of time and have adapted to wearing many different hats along the way. Now it’s time to take all of those experiences and seize any opportunity that is put in front of me.”

The first opportunity is exploring his song-writing skills with a collection of original content. Parliament of Owls will be releasing one song every month for the next six months starting with the first single ‘Shallow Holes’ which is available on all streaming sites for download.

Barras will build off the successes of the singles releases by putting together a string of live performances this spring and summer.

“I plan on performing in very unique locations that you wouldn’t necessarily consider to be a traditional venue,” said Barras. “The hope is to give my audience a unique, memorable experience that is a step away from the tradition bar/pub setting.

“My next steps is to get my music to as many ears as possible. I’m proud of these songs and I feel they can be enjoyed by many. So, if anyone enjoys my first single ‘Shallow Holes’ please feel free to share it with others that might enjoy it as well.”

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