Pet Remembrance Day

Pet Remembrance Day

July 5 is Pet Remembrance Day

Pet Remembrance Day can stir up a mixture of emotions for those of who have loved – and those who have felt the loss – of a special pet. It’s a day filled with memories of the happiness and fun times our furry friends brought into our lives. We remember the special bond we shared.

For those reasons, it’s also natural to feel the pang of their absence. It’s natural to recall their gentle weight warming our feet on the chilliest of winter evenings. This day provides a space for us to reflect and to grieve.

Pet Remembrance Day means honoring the pets who await us eagerly so that we may cross the Rainbow Bridge together – a team reunited. It’s a time to embrace both the joy and the sorrow, to celebrate the unforgettable moments we shared with our pets.

It’s okay to feel the loss so deeply. It’s okay to recognize their unforgettable pawprint on our hearts.

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