Podcasting a passion

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By Nick Seebruch
Podcasting a passion
Zackary Maloney with his podcast recording equipment. Submitted photo.

CORNWALL, Ontario – Zackary Maloney, 10, has  a passion for video games, and has found a new way to express and share that passion with his The Game Kid podcast.

Zack has created eight podcast episodes so far, which he records, edits and publishes himself on a website that he manages thegamekid.ca.

“My dad told me about how he did a podcast,” Zack explained. “I thought it was a good way to share my ideas and ask questions.”

With some help from his dad, Shawn Maloney, Zack has interviewed a series of guests related to the fields of technology and gaming including former Sony employee Jenny Outram, Molly Gatt, a writer for Red Bull Gaming, Joshua Redmond, a Disruptive Technology Consultant with Deloitte Digital, and most recently Robin Sharma, a researcher at McGill University who focuses on the connection between video games and mathematics.

Zack explained that he enjoyed playing video games because of the creativity involved, and started with Minecraft. On his website, other games that Zack lists as playing include Growtopia, Roblox, and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Zack said that he was recently diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and said that working on the podcast has really helped him with his impulse control.

“Doing this podcast has done wonders,” said Zack’s dad Shawn. “He is so focused on the audio sounding great that he doesn’t cut off his guest. It has been a great COVID project.”

Zack aims to publish an episode of The Game Kid podcast on a weekly basis. Visit thegamekid.ca to learn more and listen to Zack’s episodes.

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