Postcard Collection Tells Cornwall’s Rich History

Postcard Collection Tells Cornwall’s Rich History
Lily Worrall being inducted to the Cornwall and Area Arts Hall of Fame in 2023. (Photo : Jason Setnyk photo)

Lily Worrall, inducted into the Cornwall and Area Arts Hall of Fame in 2023, has dedicated her life to preserving the history of Cornwall through her impressive collection of postcards. Known for her extensive work in both arts and local historical preservation, Lily expressed her surprise and gratitude at the recognition. “Being inducted into the Arts Hall of Fame was amazing and unexpected. Having my friends, who are very supportive, there for the occasion made it special,” she shared.

Lily’s love for genealogy, history, and family inspired her journey into historical preservation, which began in Grade 7 with an essay on Cornwall’s history. Her passion culminated in creating the website, a repository of over 625 postcards dating back to 1900. “I’m a genealogist, and I love history and family, especially Cornwall history; it’s pretty special. When I moved back to Cornwall from Avonmore, I wanted to collect something. Postcards are small, stackable, and go inbooks,” she explained. This collection grew significantly after she acquired a fellow genealogist’s collection of postcards following his passing.

Among the treasures in her collection, one postcard stands out. “Once, when I was at an antique store, I bought a postcard and took it home. When I looked at the back, I realized it was a note from my grandmother to my mother,” Lily recalled, highlighting the personal connection with that piece.

Beyond her work with postcards, Lily has made significant contributions to the Upper Canada Playhouse, serving as its Director and President. “I was asked to be president of the board. They are quite wonderful, awesome, artistic people,” she said, emphasizing her commitment to fostering arts and culture in Cornwall.

Lily’s dedication extends to publishing as well. She has authored and helped publish numerous books on genealogy and local history, including the Gallinger family genealogy and collaborations with local historians. Looking ahead, Lily hinted at new projects on the horizon. “I can’t reveal too much, but there is a project in the works, and I expect it might be out by Christmas,” she teased.

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