Pounds and Pounds of peanut butter

Nick Seebruch
Pounds and Pounds of peanut butter
The Agapè Centre collecting three drums of peanut butter collected by Royal LePage Cornwall.

CORNWALL, Ontario – Royal LePage Cornwall held their annual peanut butter challenge this year and it was the most successful one yet.

This is the fourth year for the fundraiser and this year Royal LePage collected 351 jars of peanut butter.

All of the peanut butter was donated to the Agapè Centre.

Royal LePage took a new approach to their peanut butter drive this year. This year, they challenged other businesses through social media to donate peanut butter and encouraged those businesses to extend the challenge to others. The challenge helped bring the peanut butter drive to brand new heights, with Service Canada contributing the most to the cause with 38 jars.

Peanut butter is the most sought after product in the Agapè Centre food bank. The food bank serves nearly 1, 100 people each month, 40 percent of whom are children.

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