Santa Claus gets a visit from the Easter Bunny

Connor McLaughlin, Special to Seaway News
Santa Claus gets a visit from the Easter Bunny
Santa and the Easter Bunny (Connor McLaughlin/ Seaway News).

CORNWALL, Ontario – The Cornwall Square’s annual Photos with Santa event was met with a surprise visit from his colleague the Easter Bunny on Sunday, Dec. 5, 2021. 

The Cornwall Square Santa booth has made its return, as last year’s booth was cancelled due to COVID-19. Children and parents were lined up as they awaited Santa’s arrival and were met with the unexpected visit of the Easter bunny. 

“We received a letter via express post earlier this week from the Easter Bunny, usually at Easter time the Easter Bunny’s first stop is the North Pole to visit his good friend Santa, but this year he couldn’t because of COVID-19, so he thought, I’ll pay a surprise visit to his Santa booth at the mall,” said Laurie St. Pierre, Administrative assistant for the Cornwall Square. 

The Santa booth has been running since Santa’s visit at the Cornwall Christmas parade on Nov. 21. The booth runs in the morning from Wednesday to Sunday with varying times and runs until Christmas Eve, before Santa makes his return to the North Pole. 

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