SDG Jail premieres on CBC’s Ghosting

Paula Labonte
SDG Jail premieres on CBC’s Ghosting

I had the opportunity to chat with Canadian actors, Luke Hutchie (most well known fort the horror flick, EZRA) Matthew Finlan (Orphan: First Kill, EZRA) about their chilling experience filming “Ghosting” in the SDG Jail this summer for their new unscripted CBC comedy series that debuts on January 26, 24 on CBC’s free streaming service Gem.

‘The show follows Hutchie and Finlan, as they step off script and into their own real-life thriller on their quest to discover if Canada’s most haunted places are truly haunted’ in a fresh and fun way.

Hutchie and Finlan with help of a paranormal investigator-Phantoms of Yore; who ironically was simultaneously in town investing paranormal activity in Cline House Gallery; and celebrity guest Franky Grande (CBS’ Big Brother, and actual brother to pop star Ariana Grande) with his husband Hale Grande explored the SDG Jail and courtyard while trying to connect with spirits or debunk the myth of whether or not is actually haunted. With an array of the proper ghost investigating tools and maybe a talking teddy bear Hutchie and Finlan with the CBC crew discovered the history of Cornwall’s infamous jail and with that any and all paranormal activity that could be happening.

While they wouldn’t give any details away of whether or not they came to the conclusion: haunted or not, in order not to ruin the surprise, they did say Cornwall’s jail episode “took a turn that no one expected” and we’ll just have to wait for the series to premiere on CBC’s Gem to find out. Ghosting is among 20 new series from Canadian Storytellers.

Hutchie said the jail was the only one of the 8 locations they investigated that had mannequins… just hanging out… in jail cells (who is responsible for that?) which clearly added an extra element of creepy and weird but wasn’t quite the scariest locations, that belonged to Castle Kilbride in Baden, Ontario. Both Hutchie and Finlan raved that Cornwall was overwhelmingly accommodating and overwhelmingly appreciative of the crew.

Hutchie and Finlan are the creators, Executive Producers and amateur ghostbusting stars of the comedy-paranormal-reality series and are open for many more seasons to come when they aren’t working on the big screen, they would love to return to Cornwall.



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