Students rally to get back to the table

Alycia Douglass
Students rally to get back to the table

CORNWALL, Ontario – St. Lawrence College students gathered at the Cornwall campus last Thursday, Oct. 25, rallying to encourage management and union to return to the bargaining table.

With the strike now in day 13, Ontario students are hopeful for a solution that will get back in the classroom.

Rally organizer, Ohentiioa Lahache-Deering says that she while she is sympathetic of the faculty’s request, she hopes the end is in sight.

“Personally, I support the staff, and what they’re asking for, said Lahache-Deering. “But really, we want them to get back to the table, so we can get back to class.”

Lahache-Deering is in her first year of the BScN program, and says that even if the semester is salvaged, she worries that students may return to a chaotic course load.

“Because I’ve been in post-secondary before, I know I need to kind of keep it up on my own,” said Lahache-Deering. “But I’m a little afraid for the people just out of high school who are likely going to come back to a really rushed semester.”

CUPE representative, Grant Currie says that although many resources are still available for students during the strike, there’s no real substitute for in-class learning.

“The college may think that a set of powerpoint slides on Blackboard is teaching, but it’s not,” said Currie, “It’s not. It’s the discussion, the facilitated learning, and the implied learning that comes from the interaction between the students and the professors.”

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