TRUE STORIES – an Evening of Live Storytelling and Live Music

Provided by A Bunch of People Arts and Events
TRUE STORIES – an Evening of Live Storytelling and Live Music
Show Director - Harmony Koiter

Winchester, ON – Looking at the scheduled events coming up, there are more entertainment options now than there were last year and the community is living life again!

Late-September and it is starting to get cold. What a great time to sit in a cozy theatre and listen to true stories of peoples’ lives enhanced by musical accompaniment?

On October 15th, 2022 with two (2) shows – 2:00 pm and 7:30 pm – a performance of people telling TRUE STORIES from their lives accompanied by live music will be held in Winchester. The brain child of Harmony Koiter this evening is also directed by her.

“This is the 2nd time we have put out a call for peoples life stories and the response was wonderful!”, Harmony said.

These stories will fill an evening of entertainment and will feature True Stories from Murray Barkley, Patrick Burger, Syviane Duval, Harmony Koiter, Gabrielle Thomas, Chantal Tranchemontagne and Tom Schoch. These seven local authors have teamed up with six local musicians to deliver a captivating evening of storytelling and instrumental music.  This evening of TRUE STORIES is filled with downhill fun, police investigations, road trips, and international voyaging, hotels, general stores and flying high!!!!. Come listen to strong, life changing, and sometimes dangerous life events from people you just might know, while also giving to charity.

All profit from this event will go to a local charity (House of Lazarus). ABOP’s motto is: What is better than having a good time? Knowing the profits from what you enjoyed are going to help the community. That is the Art of Giving. That is A Bunch of People Arts and Events!

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