WEEKEND EVENT: Paranormal Lock Up

Image of Nick Seebruch
By Nick Seebruch
WEEKEND EVENT: Paranormal Lock Up

Join us for a Paranormal Lock Up at the Historic SDG Jail in Cornwall, starting at 7 pm August 3. Spend an evening filled with historical and paranormal intrigue. The event will begin with the rich history of the location before we dig into the paranormal. Before you enter the darkness of a nearly 200-year-old jail you will need to learn the basics in paranormal investigations.

The second half of the event is a surprise. You will be investigating the paranormal and taking part in unique and innovative experiments!

We wrap up the night with a group photo and check-in. Post-event will review the audio and video footage and was taken by you the guests and we will share the audio and video on our Facebook page for you the guests to review.

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